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Bourbon & Blondes: Vintage Noir & Pulp , Hörbuc...
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If Raymond Carver or Charles Bukowski wrote noir and pulp, this would be it.... Minimalist in approach but long on mood and atmosphere, this first entry in The Ladies of Liquor series is a boozy mix of old-school pulp, shadowy noir, and hard-boiled double-crosses. Writer Anthony Venutolo delivers a collection of nearly 50 flash fictions and short stories that splatter into the ear at 90 proof. From the deserted bus stations of Route 66 to the smoky, neon-tinged jazz dives of the big cities, these wanton tales of longing introduce us to desperate vixens on the fringe and those shifty men that drove them there. Get your shot glass ready because in this retro world, showgirls, drifters, barmaids, and thieves have one thing in common - they're all painted on a seedy canvas drenched in a hearty barrel of Kentucky's finest nectar. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Matthias N Bossi. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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